Plastic/Toy Camera

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The toy camera phenomenon started in the early 1960’s. Plastic cameras were used as promotional gifts or incentives for subscribing to magazines, and also by saving breakfast cereal box tops to redeem them for prizes.
The most famous of the promotional cameras was the Diana Camera.This camera was made by the Great Wall Plastic Factory in China in the early 1960’s. The camera was made of plastic and had a plastic lens that lacked sharpness. The body had the tendency to leak light and used 120 medium format film. Diana cameras were often given away at fairs and carnivals as prizes.
After the Diana camera came the Holga and was manufactured up until 2015. This project was shot with a similar plastic camera using B&W infrared film and have been on exhibit in numerous  shows:

Plastic Fantastic lll    LightBox gallery , Astoria OR 2013
Plastic Fantastic  V    LightBox Gallery, Astoria OR 2014
Plastic Fantastic  Vl    LightBox Gallery, Astoria  OR 2015
Plastic Fantastic  Vll    LightBox Gallery, Astoria. OR 2016
Somerville Toy Camera Festival, Nave Gallery  2015
Somerville Toy Camera Festival, Washington Street Gallery  2016
Somerville Toy Camera Festival, Washington Street Gallery  2017

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