Water Part I

Imagine a drop of water falling from 19″ into a pool of water, then breaking the tension of the surface of the water creating  a pillar of water coming up ( for every action there’s a reaction), only to be hit by another drop of water that fell 80milliseconds after the first.— pretty amazing.
Now let’s take it a step further, by applying Newton’s theory on tension/motion let’s add detergent to the pool of water to reduce the surface tension (hydro static pressure of the surface) the result is a taller pillar. This was discovered by A.M Worthington who wrote a study on splashes in 1908 which the pillar/jet was named after, still pretty amazing. Both these men were brilliant scientist.
Now let’s change the size or weight of the water drop by adding a thickening agent or perhaps adding glycerine to increase the weight of the drop, the result is a more violent collision between the two drops. Now for the show stopper, we’re going to make this  violent collision happen inside a soap bubble, without breaking the bubble.
The images in this portfolio are the result of experimenting with: whole milk, non-fat milk, gaur gum, food coloring,  kids bubble wands, and with a lot of patience and documentation.

This project is the art of physics.

  • Water Drop 1

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